Inspector Columbo

Peter Falk as Inspector Columbo.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Lovely but lethal
    Any old port in a storm
    Candidate for crime
    Double exposure
    Publish or perish
    Mind over mayhem
    Swan song
    A friend in deed

Season 4

  • An exercise in fatality
    Negative reaction
    By dawn's early light
    Troubled waters
    A deadly state of mind

Season 5

  • Forgotten Lady
    A case of immunity
    Identity crisis
    A matter of honor
    Now you see him
    Last salute to the commodore

Season 6

  • Fade in to murder
    Old fashioned murder
    The bye bye sky-high I.Q. murder case

Season 7

  • Try and catch me
    Murder under glass
    Make me a perfect murder
    How to dial a murder
    The conspirators

Season 8

  • Columbo goes to the guillotine
    Murder, smoke, and shadows
    Sex and the married Detective
    Grand deceptions

Season 9

  • Murder, a self portrait
    Columbo cries wolf
    Agenda for murder
    Rest in peace, Mrs. Columbo
    Uneasy lies the crown
    Murder in malibu

Season 10

  • Columbo goes to college
    Caution: murder can be hazardous to your health
    Columbo and the murder of a rock star

Season 11

  • It's all in the game
    Butterfly in shades of gray


  • Death Hits The Jackpot
    No time to die
    A bird in the hand ...
    Strange bedfellows
    A trace of murder - 25th Anniversary
    Ashes to ashes
    Murder with too many notes
    Columbo likes the nightlife