Allan Pinkerton

Most of the detective stories and crime novels are based upon fictional characters that are generally created by authors, but the main source of inspiration for these authors were actually the real heroes.Allan Pinkerton was a Scottish Detective...

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Francois Vidocq

Eugène François Vidocq was a French criminal and criminalist with the life and times inspired by many popular writers including Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac. Once, Vidocq was the criminal and later became the founder and first director of a...

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J.J. Armes

J.J. Armes is an amazing looking American amputee, private investigator, and an actor of repute and intellect. He is popular for the tactful ways in which he uses his prosthetic hands. Armes was born El Paso, Texas, and when he was just 11; he...

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Werner Mauss

Werner Mauss is a secret service agent and undercover cop who utilizes his exceptional skills for exploring the crime and the criminology. Mauss has the intuitive bent of mind and he uses viable strategies to nab the culprits. He is a qualified...

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