Inspector Columbo Season 1 Episode 3
Original air date: October 27, 1971

Peter Falk as Inspector Columbo

Guest Stars
Eddie Albert as Major General Martin Hollister
Kate Reid as Mrs. Walter

Special Guest Stars
Suzanne Pleshette as Helen Stewart

Clete Roberts as TV Newsman
Glen Vernon as 1st Officer
Jim Halferty as 1st Marine Cadet
Jimmy Pelham as 2nd Officer
John Kerr as Colonel Roger Dutton
Ron Castro as Officer Sanchez
Timothy Carey as Bert
Val Avery as Harry Barnes

Directed by: Jack Smight

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Art Director: Arch Bacon
Assistant Director: Jack Barry
Associate Producer: Robert F. O´Neill

Costumes by: Burton Miller
Created by: Richard Levinson & William Link

Director of Photography: Russel L. Metty A.S.C.

Editorial Supervision: Richard Beldings
Executive Producers: Richard Levinson & William Link

Film Editor: Richard M. Sprague

Main Title Design: Wayne Fitzgerald
Music Score: Gil Mellé

Produced by: Everett Chambers

Set Decorations: Richard Friedman
Sound: David H. Moriarty
Story Editor: Steven Bochcon

Theme: Henry Mancini
Titles & Optical Effects: Universal Title

Unit Manager; Henry Kline

Written by: John T. Dugan