Inspector Columbo Season 2 Episode 4
Original air date: November 26, 1972

Peter Falk as Inspector Columbo

Guest Stars
Bernard Fox as William Durk
John Williams as Sir Roger Haversham
Richard Basehart as Nicholas Framer
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Butler Tanner

Special Guest Stars
John Fraser as Detective Sergeant O’Keefe
Richard Pearson as Pathologe

Arthur Malet as Fenwick
Gerald S. Peters as Inspector Smythe
Harvey Jason as The Director
Hedley Mattingley as Customs Man
John Orchard as Country Constable
Peter Church as Constable
Ronald Long as Mr. Jones
Sharon Johansen as Miss Dudley
Walker Edmiston as Gardener

Directed by: Richard Quine

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Art Director: Arch Bascon
Assistant Director: David M. Dowell
Associate Producer: Edward K. Dodds

Costumes by: Grady Hant
Created by: Richard Levinson & William Link

Directors of Photography: Harry Wolf A.S.C., Geoffrey Unsworth

Editorial Supervision: Richard Belding
Executive Story Consultant: Jackson Gillis

Film Editor: Ronald La Vine

Main Title Design: Wayne Fitzgerald
Music Score: Dick de Benedictis
Music Supervision: Hal Mooney

Produced by: Dean Hargrove

Set Decorations: John McCarty
Sound: Edwin S. Hall
Special Photographic Effects: Albert Whitlock
Story by: Richard Levinson & William Link
Sunday Mystery Movie Theme: Henry Mancini

Teleplay: Jackson Gillis
Titles & Optical Effects: Universal Title

Unit Managers: Kenny Williams, Henry Kline