J.J. Armes is an amazing looking American amputee, private investigator, and an actor of repute and intellect. He is popular for the tactful ways in which he uses his prosthetic hands. Armes was born El Paso, Texas, and when he was just 11; he lost both his hands in an explosion. The explosion resulted, when one of his friends brought box filled with railroad explosives to him.

After he lost both his hands in the explosion, Armes was fitted with two alloy steel prosthetics. Over the years of practice has made Armes quite an effective user of his limbs. He is doing really great with the arms, and uses both of them skilfully to nab the criminals, besides handling the routine chores.

It was in the year 1958 that Armes started his private investigative agency in El Paso. Earlier, Armes was working as a small time actor in California. “The Investigators” – name of investigative agency run by Armes was to bring the integrity and grace to the profession and the professionals who were engaged in the private investigations.

He wrote his autobiography and released it in the year 1976, and which finally became popular in the market. In his autobiography, Armes has exclusively written about the life and the exploits of his professional as well personal experiences. In 1977, Ideal Toy Corp. a toy manufacturing company introduced an innovative toy line on the name of Armes and branded it as Jay J. Armes.

The amazing line of toys introduced by the toy company comprised Jay J. Armes action figure, detachable prosthetics, electronic gadgets, and lastly Mobile Investigation Unit. Armes has made the history by being the only private investigator having an action figure modelled after him.

Again, in the year 1978, Armes joined with Ideal Toy Corp. to initiate Investigative Course for Children. The course was later introduced in many US schools at district level. In the year 1978, Armes also authored comprehensive correspondence-based investigative training course, and gave way to the formation of The Investigators Training Academy. In the same year he also launched The Investigators Security Force.

Later he also designed a mobile patrol and security service. The purpose of this service was to serve the society and provide refined security services. However, after few years the patrol service was discontinued, and at present, The Investigators Security Force plays the function to provide domestic government contracts and industrial security management abroad.

Armes has played and been active in diversified roles. Not only has h been a private investigator, but also a certified Peace Officer.

Further, he also served for as long as eight years Chief Deputy Constable for the El Paso County Constables Department, Precinct 2, besides additional four years as Chief Deputy Constable, Precinct 3. Armes has served in the role of Law Enforcement Instructor for the Sheriff’s Department at El Paso County.

Seeing the level of commitment in his work, and also the profile levels that he has worked in, there’s absolutely no doubt that he has the professionalism and intellect to give the answers.

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