Most of the detective stories and crime novels are based upon fictional characters that are generally created by authors, but the main source of inspiration for these authors were actually the real heroes.

Allan Pinkerton was a Scottish Detective who created first ever detective agency in United States popularly known by the name Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Allan Pinkerton was born in the year 1819 in Scotland and was brought up by his father William Pinkerton and mother Isabel.

When Allan grew up he started trading wooden staved vessels and also became an activist in British Chartist Movement.

Early Life

Allan Pinkerton married a lady secretly who was a singer by profession named Joan Carfrae and after a few years he moved on to the United States. He left his country at the age of 23 and immigrated to United States in the year 1842.

In the year 1849, Allan Pinkerton was chosen as the first ever detective in Chicago who formed North Western Police Agency with the attorney Edward Rucker which later on became popular by the name Pinkerton National Detective Agency. With the increasing rail transportation, the train robberies were also growing day by day which made it difficult for the native people to manage.

Allan Pinkerton solved many cases of train robbery and facilitated the citizens a lot. His ability to solve mysteries and different cases helped him to make contacts with Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan.

Investigative Allan Pinkerton

Allan Pinkerton with his sharp mind and intelligence was able to get to the bottom of cases and this was something which helped him to link all evidences and solve the mystery behind it. In the year 1861, Allan served as the head of Union Intelligence Service and also brought up several investigation techniques which were really appreciated by high command officers and other law enforcement associated officers.

Some of his analytical and undercover techniques are still being used by detectives and spies. Most of the agents of Allan Pinkerton worked undercover to succeed in different missions. In the year 1872, Allan was appointed by the Spanish Government so that citizens could get the right to vote and slavery be put to an end.

In the year 1884, Allan Pinkerton slipped off from a pavement and his tongue was bitten off between the teeth which caused an infection, but he did not go for a treatment and in July 1884, the infection caused Allan to die when he was working on a database system. These database systems are now being used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Allan’s popularity made him more prominent in the world, even after his death and many detectives started using his surname as slang for private eye.

Books and Writings

Allan Pinkerton created several detective books and many of them got published after his death. In these books, he added his personal experiences and various techniques that he used while solving the mysteries.

Some of his famous writings include “The Express Man and the Detective”, “Criminal Reminiscences and Detective Sketches”, “The Spiritualists and the Detectives”, “The Gypsies and the Detectives” and “A Double Life and the Detectives” to name a few.

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