Werner Mauss is a secret service agent and undercover cop who utilizes his exceptional skills for exploring the crime and the criminology. Mauss has the intuitive bent of mind and he uses viable strategies to nab the culprits. He is a qualified agronomist, and if somebody asks him about his trade, he says quite confidently that he is an expert of crime.

Werner Mauss is an international job investigator, who is officially authenticated by the Colombian courts. Due to his refined work processes, Mauss has earned the reputation of best security service agent. He has solved major crimes in the city and in different countries across the globe. You’d hardly find the private agent of his calibre.

Mauss, alias “Tigel”, alias “Koch”, alias “Horst Faber”, alias “Eric” is the agent in disguise, and he makes use of his astute investigative skills in the manner such that crime is solved in just few minutes. The international super agent has based its operations in rural German Hunsruck. You will find Mauss’s skills and expertise in different environments.

Werner Mauss is a distinguished secret service agent having clients all across the world, which also includes, German and international clients, besides, the private companies. Mauss is working great and he is working under the guidance of Federal Criminal Police Office.

He is the most distinguished secret service agent who is flexible with all kinds of investigative jobs. His mien is such that he deals with hard core and even soft criminals. He is made to handle international crimes such as smuggling, drug addiction and much more. You cannot simply get the techniques that Mauss uses while handling the critical criminal cases.

When it comes to reading the psychology of the criminals, you cannot compare him with anybody of his profession. There is one secret service agent who has got the best resources to use while solving the crime.

When Werner Mauss solves the crime, he studies the case from different aspects. He is the one who studies the intricacies in the case before actually solving it. Mauss simply makes the subtle analysis of all the ins and outs involved in the case, and when he does it carefully, there are certainly the reasons that he analyses and that ultimately leads to instant criminal solution. As Mauss himself puts, he was the key factor behind the arrests of around 2000 crooks.

In one of the cases, he nabbed the notorious Red Army Faction terrorist in Greece. What’s more, Mauss also made a successful recovery of treasures of Cologne Cathedral, which were stolen from there. He is rare secret service agent who is allowed to work in grey zone.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Mauss is a controversial secret service agent, who has experience and all the intellect to achieve success after success. He’s on the acme of his career, and it is this important thing that gives him all the driving force to work harder and be honest with his profession. Mauss is truly the man who takes the responsibility to eliminate the crime and criminals.

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