Sexton Blake is synonymous as “the poor man’s Sherlock Holmes.” He is a fictional detective who ruled British comic strips and novels during the entire 20th century. The adventures of Sexton Blake appeared more prominently in British and international publications in different languages during the years 1893 and 1978.

Blake has many marvellous acts of investigations and astute research and analysis which follow the same rules and protocols like that of Sherlock Holmes. He uses judgmental and intuitive reasoning.

You can find different forms of Sexton Blake in different series. For example, In Union Jack series numbered 100; and titled “The Dog Detective” he is shown as a detective looking confident of solving the murder mystery.

The series also shows Blake’s aggressive and faithful partner, Bloodhound named Pedro. You come to know that Bloodhound was earlier in the possession of Rafael Calderon, who is an ex-president of a South American State. After serving Calderon, Pedro is given to Blake by Calderon in the guise name of “Mr. Nemo”.

In the subsequent series, Pedro plays a crucial role in tracking the criminals don. Pedro searches for the evidence, and it is through the evidence that he helps Blake in reaching close to the criminals.

There are many events during which Pedro plays the decisive role. You can call Pedro as the right hand of Sexton Blake. In one of the series, Blake is also supported and protected by bullet-proof Rolls-Royce, named The Grey Panther. It was the time in which other detective agents were driving their cabs.

This was one another event which made Blake’s image appear as grandeur. Another handsome partner which Blake designed himself was Moth monoplane, which was also code named -The Grey Panther.

Sexton Blake has friends, but his list of foes exceeds the list of foes. He is the one who out balances foes to friends. The moment he solves one crime mystery another foe is added to his list, and likewise the list increases and goes on increasing.

Among the top foes include the very crooked George Marsden Plummer who is the detective Sergeant at Scotland Yard. He follows Blake madly after Blake stood between him and the fortune.

Sexton Blake is the man who has all the intellect to come out of den of the enemies unhurt and unspoiled. He has the intellect backing him all the time, and he uses this intellect in creating troubles for the criminals and his enemies. You’d not find Blake as an easy target; rather he turns the target on to his enemies in an easy manner.

Sexton Blake is the name synonymous with success and honour. He is the one who solves the crime and that too without much of play. He knows where to go and what to do in the event any crime is committed.

You cannot simply think of him some lazy lout who does all wrong things out there on the crime scene. No, absolutely not! He is Blake, the detective who nabs the criminals in one go!

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