Sherlock Homes is one of the most popular fictional characters of all times. The fictional character first appeared in publication in the year 1886. This character was created by eminent Scottish author and also famous physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Homes was a brilliant, tactful; London based Detective, who was renowned for his intellectual competence and widely acclaimed for his skills in using astute observation, forensic expertise and logical reasoning to solve most gruesome and mysterious crimes.

Sherlock Homes is the most popular fictional character even till date. There are several fans of Sherlock Homes all over the world, and most of these fans would love to pay a visit to the address which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has penned down long ago in nineteenth century. It is still a place of solace and admiration for a wide number of fans.

Sherlock Holmes - Famous Detectives

The building has now turned into a historical monument, with its huge presence calls to those passing by it. It has the charm to attract people with its old heritage artefacts. Even if the people were not aware that it was the famous living place of renowned character Sherlock Homes, most would be drawn towards the beauty and charisma of the old monument even if most of the original artwork has been lost due to ruining.

One can find the museum at the most ordinary but rather famous address which was written in the books several times. The address which is clearly mentioned in most of the fictional detective mystery books reads as 221-B, Becker Street, and it also mentions that legendary Sherlock Homes and his famous accomplice Dr. Watson used to live at this residence in the year between 1881 and 1904, as quoted by Sir Doyle in most of his compilations.

This building which was built in 1815, to be used as boarding house has now been protected by Government and is declared as Historical site. The first floor and also other interiors have been kept in the accumulate setting as it was described in the books, ensuring that the overall surrounding will showcase the intricate details which are exactly in the perfect place. This building is perfectly preserved to amuse most Sherlock Homes aficionados to pay a visit and get the photographs of this well maintained museum which is purely a combination of reality and fantasy.

Inside the museum, the visitors will find everything as it is described in several mystery series of Arthur Doyle. The museum portrays every minute detail which has been scripted in Sherlock Holmes stories. The rooms contain all the personal preferences of Sherlock and Dr. Watson, including arm-chair by the fireplace, tobacco pipes, and violin and much more. There are several interesting details that remind the visitors of the sketches which they have drawn in their minds while reading the mystery books.

There are numerous Sherlock Homes fans out there and one can log into the sites which enables them to meet and share the love and interest which they have for the well-renowned character. Joining any of sites takes just a few minutes and it provides several information and interesting facts to the Sherlock Homes fans.

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