Roy Markham, played by Ray Milland, was a former successful New York attorney before he became a private detective. In order to crack his cases he went all over the world. Markham didn’t have an office, the only thing he had was an answering machine.

During the first two months of the show Markham had an assistant, called John Riggs, played by Simon Scott, but then he was dropped and Markham had to do everything on his own. Markham always was a prestigious gentleman, who preferred tweeds, scotch, soda and cigarettes.

His fees were very various because it depended on the money his clients had. If they were rich they had to pay more than clients without money.

Writer Sterling Silliphant was also responsible for creating cowboy eye Sam Logan, better known as “The Man from Blackhawk”.

The series was directed by Richard H. Bartlett and produced by Joseph Sistrom and Warren Duff. It was a Miranda-Revere Production.

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