Jessica Fletcher is a fictional character of the American television series “Murder, She Wrote” starring one of the most popular actress, Angela Lansbury. This television show was telecasted on CBS television network for the era of 1980’s and 90’s which became quite successful.

The character, Jessica Fletcher was born on March 17 depicting her sun sign as Pisces. She lived in a fictional town, Cabot Cove in Maine where the murder rate goes incredibly high and in the series she also gets arrested by the law enforcement officers. However, Jessica Fletcher keeps on travelling to distant locations as an author and when she travels to Hawaii; she shares a case with famous detective, Thomas Magnum.

Jessica Fletcher & her Collection of Relatives

Jessica Fletcher has been a lady who was always ready to help people with their matters and similarly she also helped her nephews, cousins, in laws and other friends. Jessica was married to Frank Fletcher who died long before and widowed Jessica without having any children.

Jessica and Frank together raised Grady Fletcher, one of their nephews, who is portrayed as a person quite prone to difficulties. Grady always gets into troubles because he is unable to choose the right girl until he gets married to Donna. Donna and Grady marry each other in the later episodes and till then Jessica Fletcher helps her nephew all the time in order to take him out of troubles.

Originally, Jessica Fletcher is an English teacher who loves writing novels and becomes a novelist, in the later series, as well. Her family members include Dr. Marshall McGill as brother, Martin McGill as brother, Neil Fletcher as brother-in-law, Constance Fletcher as sister-in-law, Louise Morton as sister-in-law, Victoria Brandon as niece, Carol Donovan as niece, Pamela McGill-Crane as niece and Nita Cochran as niece. Her birth name is Jessica Beatrice McGill who lives in a fictional location named Cabot Cove.

Jessica is a teacher, but she loves writing novels and uses typewriter. Later on as she progresses as a writer she purchases an Intel 80386 class computer to fulfil her desire in the writing career. Along with her writing career, she investigates different cases, but her relationship with law enforcement officers has not been portrayed very well.

The officers of Cabot Cove do not like Jessica’s interference in the cases, but they were compelled to listen to Jessica because of her right decisions that she made while dealing with the crime investigations. In the later episodes, she makes friends with various officers in law enforcement department and helps them in solving different mysteries.

Most of the episodes in the series involve Jessica Fletcher in a situation where someone is murdered and she investigates the case. Some of the novels written by Jessica Fletcher include “The Corpse Danced at Midnight”, “A Faded Rose Beside Her”, “Murder at the Digs”, “Murder Comes to Maine”, “The Poison in My Heart”, “A Killing at Hastings Rock”, “The Killer Called Collect” and “A Case of a Half of Murder” to name a few.

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