Inspector Morimoto is the character which has been created by the creative abilities of British author Timothy Hemion. Morimoto is an intelligent detective who has the brains and the brawns, and serves detective in the local police force in Okayama, Japan. He is helped by his acolyte named Suzuki in solving the cases of gruesome nature. Inspector Morimoto makes use of his deductive reasoning to solve the cases and crime situation. He is of the type who can solve the case much in the same and intellect like Sherlock Holmes.

You can find deductive reasoning playing the key role in solving complex cases where double murders or other type of heinous crimes are involved. Inspector Morimoto is not one of those lazy lads who just takes the crime for granted over his personal life, He is serious about solving the crime, as much as he is serious and passionate about his love life. Whether it is the crime solving through the intriguing puzzles which roam around expensive diamond jewellry, or burglary in the Metropolitan Trust Bank, both Suzuki and Inspector Morimoto take the courage and use their deductive reasoning attributes to solve the case.

Morimoto and Suzuki solves the linkage and involvement of wealthy owner of the downtown kimono shop and the manager of the Okayama Central Hospital in the Bank robbery case, and book both of them for their crime. What’s more, the Chief of Police gets concerned about the development of the Bank robbery cases, especially because the people who are involved in the case have contacts with the influential city council. It is here that Suzuki and Inspector Morimoto undertake a careful research of the whole scenario and solves the crime by implementing their amazing deductive reasoning.

Both Morimoto and Suzuki make use of their deductive reasoning concept to create an astonishing theory that would help them to solve the crime in a logical way. Inspector Morimoto’s intellect complements that of Suzuki, and similarly, Suzuki’s intellect complements that of Morimoto. You cannot think of them as normal cops. They have something special about them as always seen at the crime scene.

Timothy Hemion creates the Inspector Morimoto with his own intellect. Timothy, apart from writing the novel has been actively involved in life teaching and researching mathematics. And that is why the character that he shaped in the form of Inspector Morimoto has all that qualities. In fact, it would not b wrong to say that Inspector Morimoto is borne with the persona of Timothy, especially in relation to the smart deductive reasoning he applies in developing crime solution.

Both Inspector Morimoto and his assistant, Suzuki does their best to solve the crime and not by using the brawns but with the help of their intellect. Very rarely will you see them taking to the action. All the crime solving is done through the help of their analytical way of thinking, and subtle knowledge of the criminology. There’s no doubt that Inspector Morimoto is a, man of the substance.