Veronica Mars is a fictional character created by Rob Thomas starring Kristen Bell as Veronica. Veronica is a 17 year old teenage girl living in Neptune, California who is into a part time job with her father, as a private investigator. Her father Keith Mars was the former Sheriff in Balboa County and now works as a private investigator.

Veronica has her best friend named Wallace Fennel, but one year prior to meeting Wallace, she was a popular teen in Neptune High. She was dating her best friend, Lily Kane’s brother Duncan along with Logan Echolls who loves Lily. Four of them are part of school’s wealthy and popular students. However, Veronica does not match the economic status of her friends, but she is popular because she has been dating Duncan and moreover, her father is a sheriff.

Lily’s Murder

Duncan stops dating Veronica due to some reasons and Lily also refuses to give her any explanations. After a few days, Lily is found murdered at her swimming pool and her father is suspected to be involved in the murder, who is actually a famous software entrepreneur. Soon, Veronica’s father is exiled out of the rich society and is replaced from the position of Sheriff by former deputy sheriff. The loss of income and status destroys Veronica’s family, as her mother starts drinking heavily and leaves the family after a few months.

This entire scene of Mars family getting destroyed actually expels her away from the rich society and also from her former friends. After two months from Lily’s death, a party is thrown where all her former friends are invited, being a part of the wealthy elite and Veronica also enters the party in order to prove her friends that she does not care of whatever happened. While in the party, she is offered a drink mixed with a drug and the next morning she finds herself raped and does not remember anything about the past night.

She starts thinking that Duncan might have raped her, but she discovers that Duncan was also offered the same drink and was drugged in the same manner. She also realizes that the night she was raped by Dick Casablancas, he actually gave her Chlamydia. These events change the entire life of Veronica Mars and she starts helping her father with his detective agency. Moreover, she also starts feeling disgusted about those wealthy elite and her former classmates.

Private Investigator

After this incident, Veronica meets Wallace Fennel, Cindy and Meg manning who become good friends with her. She takes her father’s detective agency as an after school part time job and helps her father in handling different cases. Along with this part time job, she also keeps an eye on what is going on in Neptune High and keeps on solving some cases like tracking computer hackers, school’s mascot stolen case and many more. In the end of third season, Veronica clears her examination to get the detective’s official license and scores good in the private investigator test.

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