Van der Valk is a popular British television series produced by Thames Television for the ITV network. The role of Van der Valk is played by Barry Foster, who is Dutch detective Commissaris “Piet.”

The detective is always finding faults in every good, bad and right thing. But despite his cynical attitude, there’s always an intellectual mind running behind him. Commissaris van der Valk has its operations in main Amsterdam, and the areas around. With regard to his disposition, he has a contrasting attitude to naïf assistant, Inspecteur Johnny Kroon, and his superior, Hoofd-commissaris Samson.

Drugs, sex and murder – that’s the theme where Commissaris van der Valk plays professionally well and brings the real effect. He has been instrumental in solving gruesome murder and homicide cases which are otherwise problematic and difficult to solve.

Commissaris van der Valk implements his work to completion successfully and with utmost dedication, and this makes him most celebrated detective and investigator in the department. He is among the list of very few detectives who are praised for their work and extreme sense of devotion and commitment. The moment he takes the investigation in his hand, he undertakes and incorporates different methodologies to book the culprit, and bring the case to sensible completion.

When the crimes involve sex trade, sex trafficking and other such social crimes, you’d find Commissaris van der Valk researching and presenting the case in a professional manner. Hardly, you’d find him involved in a blabber chat with any unconcerned or unconnected man. Commissaris van der Valk is one of those rare species who just want to earn good and big rewards in investigation so that he is even more respected and known for the work.

Commissaris van der Valk has intense liking for investigations and appearing at the crime scenes to collect the facts and other relevant evidence. You’d rarely find this investigator doing the head scratching or anything related to it. Commissaris van der Valk brings the culprit on the scaffold, and isolates the innocent from the crime. He does all in a professional and yet flamboyant way.

What’s more, Commissaris van der Valk is one investigator who just has a levelled head and equally foresighted to analyze the crime scenario. This in turn helps him in solving the crime. Commissaris van der Valk takes time and the space to let the facts speak for themselves. Although, Commissaris van der Valk is a self sustained personality, he is also assisted with his deputies on the crime scene to solve the intricacies of crime in a subtle manner.

There are times in the investigations during which the suspect changes his/her statement; there are times when investigations are just far away than reaching the logical conclusion.

Commissaris van der Valk follows intuitive reasoning process and brings heinous murder cases to logical end. He has been also instrumental in all the cases that relate to drug trafficking.

Commissaris van der Valk holds grip and experience on variety of criminal issues altogether, and this further offers him an upper edge from his professional competitors.

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