John D. MacDonald was the creator of this character and he is well known for his thrillers and romantic characters. He became popular after his amazing Travis McGee series which gained much hype among the audience.

Travis MacGee is one of the great series of McDonald and it was the classic thriller which attracted lots of audience. Treasuring those books can be difficult for some people but here one can find a quick review of his series. It is a great place for McDonald and Travis McGee fans and they can find lots of information here.

Deep Blue Good by (1964)

It is the most effective series by McDonald with really great background material. The series has all the qualities of JDM with no flaws. There were several typical elements present like Albama’s Tiger continuous party and boat bum site.

The effective techniques used by McGee to resolve the crime was great and of course he had 50 % share in finding the stolen property. He used simple techniques combined with his cleverness that make people easily reveal their secrets. The whole story is also available in the form of book where one can read. However, finding this amazing book can be difficult but if one wants to enjoy the interesting tales of McGee, they need to do some research.

Nightmare in Pink (1964)

This series is also related to other books but there are some cool characters in this wonderful series. The story retains the interest of the viewer from its starting to the end. The end of this novel is really amazing and this series throws some light on the greedy and anti social nature of McGee. The villain in the show is quite immoral and nasty but this show ends with three year sentence and he is a verdict for tax evasion. He was also sentenced for other crimes that he committed.

Dreadful Lemon Sky

It has an amazing ending dealing with drug dealers. Most characters are corrupt and they are all involved in some crime. The important thing is that all these characters are quite good in one or another way. All the victims are flawed but they are all decent people. Meyer is TM’s best friend and he remains with him in the whole series and has a very good role to play.

There is a huge list of Travis McGee series which include Deep Blue Good by (1964), Nightmare in Park (1964), Deadly Shade of Gold (1965), Darker than Amber (1966), pale Grey for Guilt (1968), Dress her in Indigo (1969), Long Lavender Look (1970) but these are all just a few in the list. The whole series is liked by most people and people really enjoy it. There are number of novels available based on this series.

Television Appearances

Empty copper sea aired in 1983, this show is also produced by John McDonald. This serial was also a big hit at that time directed by Andrew V. McLaglin. There are some famous stars who appeared in the show which include Gene Evans, Vera Miles, Richard Farnsworth, Katharine Ross and Geoffrey Lewis.

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