Tommy Beresford is not just any other fictional detective character. He has the smartness, intellect and all the foresightedness to solve even the most gruesome crimes with all his expertise and cross questioning.

As we see and hear about Tommy Beresford, he is an attractive armed force professional, who is unimaginative, yet intelligent. Immediately after World War One, Tommy Beresford takes retirement from the service, and one fine day he meets childhood friend Tuppence Cowley.

Both were jobless, and in order to beat the heat of unemployment, they started an adventure and detective company by the name ‘Young Adventurers Ltd’ – which had the strap line stating – “Willing to do anything. Go anywhere…No unreasonable offer refused.” The company is works as a secret adversary company, aiming to resolve mysterious crimes.

As Christie describes the physical disposition of Tommy Beresford in the following beautiful lines – Tommy has a dace which is “pleasantly ugly – nondescript, yet unmistakably the face of a gentleman.” When Tommy is released from the military service, he’s around early twenties. Tuppence and Tommy become close to each other, and both of them ultimately tie a holy wedlock.

Meanwhile as the love story continues to progress, their company also begins to taste the seeds of popularity.

Tommy Beresford is a slow thinker, but ultimately, he is not a dull detective. He has all the intellectual power to solve the crime as fast and as professionally as any other smart real-life detective can.

And since Tommy has witnessed all the bloodshed and crime at the young age, he has become aware about the scene of the crime, and therefore, he is confident about solving murder mysteries and other heinous social crimes committed in the society with amazing intellect and professionalism.

Tommy Beresford sees the crime from all the perspective. He sees it from a bad perspective, he sees it from the good perspective, and above all he sees it a case of double jeopardy, ands all depends on the type of crime he commits. You cannot see Tommy doing any comical act, and he is always busy solving the crime and in this profession, he is helped by his spouse Tuppence.

There are number of events where Tommy shows his calibre, and brings the culprit to charge him for the crime. His best assistant is his wife, and the very first time you see Tommy and Tuppence together, automatically, you’d come to believe them of two royal personalities at work.

Tommy Beresford points out the subtle and untouched facts about the crime and every time he has the case to solve, he starts fishing for the facts which are not visible, or have no relation to the occurrence of the crime. This unique aspect of Tommy places him in the lead among the list of private detectives.

There are crimes being committed, and the very nature of crime differs from one another, and so is the process of carrying out the research that would ultimately lead to logical solution. Tommy does it with maturity and slowly.

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