Three Investigators is a famous book series written by Robert Arthur Jr. where an investigative aspect is reflected brilliantly. The first published series was “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators” and the reason behind naming the book after Alfred Hitchcock was just to attract the reader’s attention. The Three Investigators featured in this famous writing of Robert Arthur Jr. are Jupiter Jones, Bob Andrews and Pete Crenshaw.

Most of the books published by Robert Arthur Jr. are based on mysterious occurrences like talking human skull and whispering mummies. From the year 1964 to 1987, the series of “The Three Investigators” continued and gained a lot of popularity from the readers. Robert Arthur was originally an editor for several Hitchcock book collections and started writing for this series incorporating 43 books in total.

The Three Investigators is a detective series where the three boys, Jupiter Jones, Bob Andrews and Pete Crenshaw make use of different techniques so as to solve the mystery behind the cases. The age of these three boys was never clearly depicted by the author, but there are several evidences that proved that three investigators were between the 13 or 15. Some of these evidences include the discussion about their nemesis, Skinny Norris who possesses a driver’s license and these boys are just a few years younger to their nemesis and moreover, they did not even knew how to drive.

In the series, the boys start with the investigation when they stumble upon some unusual things which actually introduce them to the mystery. They unearth several clues out of which some link them with the case, while others even mislead them and this is something that makes the series more interesting. In most of the crime detective series, coincidence plays a vital role, but in “The Three Investigators”, understanding the clues, collecting all the evidences and linking them all together to solve the mystery makes the writing quite popular among the people.

The Three Investigators, Crime-Busters Series

In the year 1989, “The Three Investigators, Crime-Busters Series” was published which revealed that the boys have grown up to an age of seventeen and have become more mature, independent and big enough to drive. The new series included more of action, drama, thrill and suspense which made the series far more fascinating and attention grabbing for the readers. Under this series, eleven novels got published that were truly cherished by people all around the world.

Increasing Popularity

In Germany, the popularity of these books was increasing day by day and the well-admired name that made it popular was “Die Drei ???” meaning the three question marks. The narrating actors of the radio series were also admired a lot by the people and when they toured different locations, a lot of fan following praised them for their fabulous job.

Not just Germany, but in other locations like Poland and Slovakia, the stories of the three investigators were becoming very well-liked and accepted among the grown-ups and children, as well. Staring from the year 2003, some movies like “The Secret of Skeleton Island” and “The Secret of Terror Castle” were also released which enhanced the fame of the three boys to a great extent.

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