The Thin Man (1934) is a detective novel visualized and written by Dashiell Hammett. Thin man is the private detective novel with the plot set in Prohibition-era New York City. Nick Charles is the Thin Man; and he is supported by his clever young wife, Nora. In the series, it is told that Thin Man is the son of a Greek Immigrant.

Ever since he has married a wealthy high status girl, Nora, he is spending his spending his time relaxing and partying in five star hotels. Nick spends lavishly, and he is the one who is now enjoying the life in a pretty flamboyant manner.

You’d not find any contours of anxiety or trouble on Nick’s face, as all his expenses are borne by Nora.

However, Nick and Nora have no children. They do have a schnauzer named Asta, who has now transformed into wire haired fox terrier. The very characters of Nick and Nora bears direct resemblance to Hammett and his long-time lover, Lillian Hellman.

Charles is called to investigate a murder case. He discusses the case with her wife as they together enjoy drinking alcohol out there. Both Charles and Nora understand the crime and do everything to solve the murder. However, the murder case gets complex with every passing day, until one day when Charles gets the clue to the criminal and the crime thereof. Both Nora and Charles enjoy the discussion about the crime, and the manner in which they would ultimately solve the crime.

It is shown that Charles turned out to investigator against his wishes, but on taking the general sense, he has the intellect and intuitive reasoning all the more to solve the criminal cases that relate to murder and homicide. Charles is the personality who has skinny disposition, and moreover, the very complexity of case makes it difficult for him.

The term Thin Man does not directly or indirectly refers to Charles himself. On the contrary, it refers to the Clyde Wynant who seems to be a mysterious personality in the entire plot of the novel. There many mysterious events happening and concerning Wynant quite often, and at the end when all the mysterious set of conditions are resolved, the term Thin Man becomes clear.

The novel Thin Man is an amazing detective series where on one hand you find detective’s richness based on his wife’s proclivity, and on the other hand one finds Charles engrossed completely in the case.

His disturbance and concern to a particular murder makes him the best interpreter even in the most sensitive of the situations.

Charles is one investigator who loves to party, and who wants to do everything more seriously than ever.

Every situation is critically analyzed by Charles under different conditions, before any final stand is taken. Hardly you’d come across any kind of kiddish reactions.

You’d know the subtleness that is stored in Charles when he begins investigating the case. Together, Charles and Nora make a perfect couple, having their own unique professional acumen in them.

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