The Hardy Boys are two fictional brothers created by Edward Stratemeyer that have appeared in several mystery stories. The two brothers named Frank and Joe Hardy are teenaged and have been materialized in different books ghost written by numerous authors. The Hardy Boys first appeared in the year 1927 and gained much popularity amongst readers. The critics said that as the story was being ghost written by different authors, the characters were becoming quite respectful and more proficient in their work.

The novels on The Hardy Boys incorporated violence, murders and a lot of suspense which engrossed the readers and made these characters quite popular. With their increasing fame, the books were rewritten in 25 different languages and the adventure series were made more interesting to read.


The two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy are amateur and teenaged, but brave enough to solve the mysteries behind the cases. Frank is eighteen years old, while Joe is seventeen who live in a fictional location named Bayport. In the family, they are five of them; father Fenton Hardy, mother Laura Hardy and Aunt Gertrude. Both the brothers attend a fictional school in Bayport and study in the same class. After attending the school, they get involved with solving cases and are greatly inspired by their father, who himself is a detective.

Two Brothers – Joe and Frank

In most of the early versions of “The Hardy Boys”, two brothers have been shown helping their dad. At times, father Fenton Hardy himself asks his boys to help him in solving the confidential cases, while sometimes both the brothers uninvited get indulged in hitting on the villains so as to find clues to the case. The latest series that was written as Undercover Brothers have clearly revealed that Joe and Frank work with the organization “American Teens Against Crime” where they are assigned with different confidential cases. Joe and Frank have a group of friends including Phil Cohen, Chet Morton, Iola Morton, Biff Hooper, Tony Prito, Jerry Gilroy and Callie Shaw which also help them in solving various mysteries.

Action Series

Two of them are most involved in adventure, suspense, thriller and action which make the story more interesting. Many people also say that luck follows them all the time and helps them to find evidences to the cases. Starting from the year 1940, the series of “The Hardy Boys” have incorporated hijacking, murders, kidnapping, smuggling, theft, medical malpractice and many other aspects which have been appreciated a lot by the readers.

Personal Aspect

The two brothers have been working together for a long time and have never got indulged in sibling rivalry, which is the best part about working as a team. Frank has been portrayed more as an intellectual who reflects upon various aspects of a case, while Joe is somewhat close to practicality is quite athletic. Both of them are quite affluent and have been constantly flying to distant locations so as to solve cases. The complete series covers different aspects of investigation making the story more attention-grabbing.

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