The Great Merlini is a fictional detective series, visualized and created through the intellect of Clayton Rawson. Merlini is a greatest magician who is a complete professional and runs magic supplies shop located in Times Square, Greenwich Village basement.

The great Merlini is an adept magician who has control over the magic tricks, and this makes him all the more popular in the area that he inhabits.

In his Greenwich Village basement, the great Merlini is frequently visited by harried Inspector Church of Homicide, to help him to arrest Don for an impossible crime committed by him, or solve it by using his conjure magical tricks.

The Great Merlini is a great investigator, apart from being a great magician. He uses both the magic tricks as well as his intellect to nab the criminals and book them for the crimes that they have committed against the society. Since he has been quite effective in solving the crimes, police officials often come to him to seek his advice over the crimes committed. It is through the help and magical advice that criminals come to dead end.

The Great Merlini has also been the source of inspiration for the official investigators. Apart from just giving them the advice, the Merlini as a private investigator keeps the tract on the movement of criminals, and if otherwise advised, makes use of his magical sources to finally track down the criminals.

Whether it is murder mystery, or burglary, or any kind of fraud committed against anyone, the great Merlini does it all with the help of his magic tactics. You cannot expect him to be doing anything foolish with his magic tricks. All tricks that he does have sense and responsibility associated with it.

The Great Merlini has his own very likes and dislikes like any ordinary person. It is told in one of the series that he completely dislikes New York City subway system, beer, inactivity, opera, golf, and of course he hates to sleep. He finds sleep as the most boring activity in life, and wants to simply break away from the sleep, should he can do it through his magical tricks.

Further, it is seen that the Great Merlini has great liking for surf bathing, table tennis, puzzles, circuses, and apart from the magic. It seems that his mind and soul breathes in the magic, and there’s absolutely nothing bad that he can tolerate about the magic itself.

Harried Inspector Church of Homicide, who is known for his intellect in the police department, also comes to the Great Merlini to take his advice on crucial matters related to the crime. Merlini just solves the crime within matter of days, and this makes his rival friend all the happier. When it is the Great Merlini, he is simply the impossible and astute private investigator who has every type of talent stored in him. You cannot take him got granted, because, he has the innate intellect that cannot be beaten across by any professional.

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