The Files of Jeffrey Jones was a series about the cases of New York private detective Jeffrey Jones, who worked his way through law school by his extra-curricular activities as a part-time private investigator. Jeffrey Jones was played by Don Haggerty.

The series was a spin-off from The Cases of Eddie Drake also starring Don Haggerty. Jones was a former GI. He had less money so he had no office. He could be contacted in the local bar Golden Bubble Café. He didn’t drink any alcohol and always replied “No thanks, Joe. I’ll just have my usual cup of coffee.”

The mentioned Joe was played by Vince Barnett. Sometimes Jeffrey Jones was aided in his jobs by his girlfriend Michele “Mike” Malone, played by Gloria Henry. In a featured part Tris Coffin played Lt. Doyle.

The series was cancelled after 39 thirty minute episodes. It was directed by Lew Landers, produced by Lindsley Parsons and written by Dwight V. Babcock.

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