The Brothers Brannagan was a TV show in the early sixties, pertaining to the cases of Mike and Bob Brannagan. Mike Brannagan was played by Steve Dunne and Bob Brannagan by Mark Roberts.

The two were brothers and worked in Phoenix, Arizona as private eyes. Their cases often involved insurance swindle, rip-off, divorce or murder. As they both were bachelors they liked to go out at night and hang out at pools and bars.

Of course they liked mashing with the “girls” when they had time off work. The two brothers were absolute different, Bob was the more reputable and professional one and Mike very often was in trouble with various women. Usually there was sibling rivalry to contend with.

Bob and Mike shared a luxury, large apartment together and they had a maid and a doorman. Unfortunately the rivalry between the brothers weren’t enough to compensate for weak scripts, and so the show only lasted one season.

The 39 thirty-minute-episodes were produced by Wilbur Stark and Jerry Layton and it was a Brad-Jacey Production.

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