Derrick a police detective was the blasting serial on German televisions under the banner of Telenova Films. The story is about the main character, Derrick who is a Detective inspector and he works with the whole team to solve the mysterious crimes.

It is created by Herbert Reinecker starring Horst Tappert and Fritz Wepper. There are around 281 episodes of this serial which gained much hype at that time. Helmut Ringelmann is the executive producer who provides an interesting cast to the audience with exceptional performing skills.

All the 281 episodes were 60 minutes long and broadcasted on Friday night at 8:15 pm on ZDF. This series was broadcasted not only in one country but it is popular worldwide as it captured over 100 countries.

There is a huge fan following for Derrick and still this character is in the minds of people. The series ended in 1998 due to some specific reasons but there are several countries where the repeated episodes are telecasted everyday.

Derrick was also broadcasted in South Africa by dubbing in Afrikaans language. So, one can estimate the fan following of this beloved serial and character as well. The serial focused on the intelligence and smartness of Derrick and how he uses his methods to solve crimes.

Derrick always looked personated and this serial shows the elegance and style of Derrick. Derrick was the smart and intelligent police detective with some exceptional qualities that make this serial apart from others.

Harry Klein was the assistant of derrick in the series and both work together in solving the mysterious crimes. Surprisingly, Derrick uses psychological procedures to solve the cases rather than car crashes and action scenes. He was more interested in knowing the personalities and their interests, so phone was the most essential thing for him.

Some people believe that Derrickā€™s success is mainly because it emphasizes more on human relationships like love fear or hate. Klein and Derrick both worked together but they never interfered in their work. Derrick has several informers who help him to track down the criminals. Both of them seem to have no private lives and they continue their work in the evening time.

Derrick was the big hit in China and surprisingly China police used those methods to teach their police officers which were used in the serial. One can imagine the impact of these wonderful characters. China police not only used these methods but it really helped them in solving various hideous crimes. There are several books available on this character.

The novels were published in several languages, so one can choose any language according to the convenience. Derrick was the legendary character and he is still in the minds of people. There is a huge fan club of Derrick in Germany where people still love to see his repeated series continuously.

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