Sonny Crockett is a fictional character that was featured in the television series Miami Vice created by Anthony Yerkovich starring Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Talbott, Olivia Brown, Saundra Santiago, Edward James Olmos, John Diehl and Gregory Sierra. Don and Phillip play the role of two detectives working in Miami for Metro Dade police Department as undercover officers.

The series was appreciated a lot for its heavy music and great visual effects and this popularity made it continue for five seasons staring from the year 1984 to 1989. The viewers cherished the show a lot and made it one of the best selling series that had a great influence on the American television. A movie named Miami Vice was also created depending upon the popularity of the series.

Don Johnson played the role of Sonny Crockett in the series Miami Vice and was considered as one of the highly influential detectives on American television. The ever increasing popularity of the character made him appear in different video games as Sonny Crockett.

The first appearance of Sonny as an undercover private eye detective was seen in the pilot episode of the series where he follows a drug lord of Columbia. In this series, Sonny marries a lady, but later gets divorced as the marriage was not successful.

Miami Vice – Television Series

While dealing with the case as an undercover detective, he also meets Ricardo Tubbs who is again an undercover cop like Sonny and is trying to trap the famous cop killer and drug dealer, Calderone.

This character was played by Miguel Pinero and the role of Ricardo Tubbs was played by Phillip Michael Thomas. They both are unaware that Calderone and the cop killer is the same person they are looking for, but they soon discover this fact.

Both of them start tracking Calderone as undercover detectives by the name Rico Cooper and Sonny Burnett. It takes them quite a few episodes to catch the criminal, but they finally trap him. Although, Calderone is sent to jail, but he manages to get his bail for $2 million and fly away from the country. This is the time when Crockett and Tubbs decide to trap Calderone in any case and both of them also get interested in Southern Law Enforcement.

Miami Vice – Movie

Miami Vice movie also featured the character Sonny Crockett, but this character was entirely different from the television series. In this movie, Sonny Crockett has no back history like his married life and divorce, but he simply works as an undercover detective. However, Sonny Crockett just has a back story for his undercover assumed name, Sonny Burnett around which the story revolves.

Sonny Crockett got a lot of appreciation for his great job and was also nominated for Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Not just nominations, Don Johnson playing Sonny Crockett also won Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series. The increasing popularity of Sonny Crockett also made him famous as an action figure for the children.

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