Snooper and Blabber were a pair of private detectives. The two of them were very different, because Snooper was a cat and Blabber was a mouse.

Daws Butler gave both characters his voice, although in some of the earlier episodes Jerry Hausner gave his voice to Blabber. The stories were crafted by Michael Maltese.

The cat was called Snooper and Snooper was the one who had the command in the majority of cases whenever the pair took on an affair while the mouse, which was called Blabber followed the orders given to him by Snooper.

Snooper was a kind of a tough guy who spoke very monotone, just like a usual PI “only the facts”. Blubber however spoke with a lisp and tended to have real problems with the letter “s”, so he called his partner “Shnopper”.

Snooper and Blabber was one of the rare shows in which a cat and a mouse worked together as a pair and not were enemies.

The series was created by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera and also was a Hanna-Barbera Production. The 7 minute cartoons were aired as a part of the Quick Draw Mc Graw show and ran for three seasons.

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