Simon Templar, popular by the name of the Saint, is a British fictional central character which appears as the series in the books published by Leslie Charteris in the years between 1928 and 1963. The nick name Saint has gotten the connotation from two name initials S from Saint and T from Templar. He is also known by many other names, the popular ones include, Sebastian Tombs” or “Sugarman Treacle”. The character is quite famous, and played significant roles in the motion pictures, radio dramas, comic strips, comic books and three television series.

Saint is known for his heroic adventures and intuitive investigative art. He has played an instrumental role in solving critical murder and other cases of adultery. Saint has a unique style of solving the crime cases. His very disposition is humorous; in fact, it’d be great to find him as boyish looking and kiddish in actions. He is also popular as at all the crime scenes he puts the “Calling Card” semblance in the form of stick-figure of a man with a halo, and the logo!

He is the character similar to the Robin Hood Type, and his prime targets include corrupt politicians, smugglers, burglars, anti-patriotic and many more. To be more open and adjective in defining Saint, it’d not be wrong to call him as the Robin Hood of the Modern Times. Saint has its own ways of solving the crime and his demeanours seem to appear more logical to him than to others. Hardly anyone passes through his introspective and sharp vision. He seems to be humorous, but at other times, he also looks quite focused about the whole incidence of crime and the criminals.

Saint has in-depth knowledge about the crime and the criminals, as once he was a criminal, and more specifically a burglar. It is this very experience that made him more knowledgeable about the crime, the ways of doing crime, and above all what plots can be created by the criminal to do the crime. His nick name “Saint” is truly ungodly especially, if we take the initial references of his crime. Again, we come to know that his origin is little known to the audience, and the people who study him. There are just allusions to his origin, but no concrete evidence is available about his birth and other antecedents.

Elsewhere in the books and novels, you find some good references where “ten percent collection fee” is collected by Saint from the victims to cover his professional and personal expenses.

The remainder of the collection is either returned to the owner, or distributed to charity, or dispensed among the Templar’s colleagues.

At times, he makes use of the possibilities to get the income. Though there’s no account of him being a lavish spender, but yes he is spendthrift to some extent.

As per the Saint’s philosophy, he is quite adamant about ruining the lives of those who are “Ungodly” according to him.

He sincerely believes that if he can kill the “Ungodly,” he can save the lives of innocent people.

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