Nurse Sarah Keate is the creative work of crime writer Mignon Good Eberhart. Keate is a nurse and an amateur sleuth, and the story belongs to the genre of novels Whodunits. Being the protagonist she is often helped in the solving the mystery cases by police detective Lance O’Leary.

Now what looks simply amazing is that both of them don’t actually work together, but at times situation arises when Keate’s nursing cases happen to become problematic cases, as they result into the murder, and it is when she looks towards police detective to help her out.

In the novels concerning Sarah and the murder mysteries, Sarah is not only playing the role of a protagonist, but also the narrator. You see her in the role of a social worker and in the prime of her nursing career helping the helpless young male patients lying crooning on the bed.

While she’s busy nursing them, there’s always some kind of mystery strolling the patients, and most of the times, these patients are murdered by a third part agent.

It is at this point of time that police detective comes into action and starts investigating the reason for sudden death of the patient. In all such cases of murder, Sarah has a passive role, and she herself gets astonished to find a patient lying dead on the bed in the morning.

What causes the death, or how a person whom she expects to get well soon suddenly appears pale and senseless is beyond her reasoning. Keate has the sensitive heart to help the patients who come to the hospital. She as the nurse of the hospital does everything in a good way to relieve them of the pain, but it hurts her when she finds something going wrong instead.

Keate takes all her heart and soul to render best treatment to the male patients. She is one of the soft hearted nurses and does all to help the humanity.

Police detective Lance O’Leary due to the very strong reasons comes and questions Keate in relation to the murders committed in the broad daylight or at night in her hospital. As a nurse attached closely to her patients, she has absolutely no answers to put forth to the questions of police detective.

Every time, she has some problem with the patient, you find Lance O’Leary coming on the scene, and this creates further problems for the poor nurse. There are cross questioning rounds and this really troubles Keate all the more.

She had been ardently taking care of her patients, irrespective of their antecedents, and when they are eliminated, she feels touched and disturbed. She has no reason to be questioned by the police detective but she is questioned every time any such bad event occurs in her hospital.

When you see Sarah’s hospital and her role as a nurse, you don’t find even a tint of spuriousness, but soon you’d feel things changing and getting bitter. And all this happens to be handiwork of criminals or some dingy past record.