Robert Langdon is a professor of religious iconology and symbology at Harvard University. The character born in June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States, was created and later developed by Dan Brown for his investigative novels like Angels & Demons, published in the year 2000; The Da Vinci Code, published in the year 2003; and The Lost Symbol, published in the year 2009 respectively.

In the film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, in the year 2006, Tom Hanks played the role of Robert Langdon, and subsequently, in 2009 film adaptation of the novel Angels & Demons, Tom Hanks was once again seen as Robert Langdon.

Robert Langdon was the character which had the disposition similar to the creator, Dan Brown. It seems that the character acts in the similar fashion in which Dan brown acted in real life. Moreover, the birth age of the character is same as that of his original creator- Dan Brown. It is also seen in the novels that Langdon attended the same school in which Dan Brown studied.

Langdon is an experienced professor of typography at Drexel University, who seems to be well acknowledged and has the circumspect to read and create ambigrams, typographical designs. These ambigrams can be read in different ways, i.e. in the right side up direction as well as upside down direction respectively. This art of studying, creating and understanding the religious and theological ambigrams makes Langdon a well acclaimed researcher as well. You can see the marvellous exemplary of his professionalism in the first edition of Brown’s novel Angels & Demons, where all the ambigrams are created by Langdon.

Again, as a true example of his professionalism, Langdon created the logo for the fictional Depository Bank of Zurich, and which can be seen in The Da Vinci Code film. Langdon is always seen adorned in one standard type of fattier like being a turtleneck, Harris Tweed jacket, khakis, and collegiate cordovan loafers. All through the Brown’s novels and even the films, one could find Langdon wearing the standard attires, irrespective of the fact, whether he’s going for lectures, social events or as an investigator. Mickey Mouse watch – the watch which is the priceless possession of Landon is many-a-times referred all through the novel. The watch was gifted to Langdon in on his ninth birthday.

As a young child in the preparatory school at Phillips Exeter Academy, Langdon was a diver who later shows up playing water polo at Princeton University where he pursues higher degrees. Langdon suffers from irrational fear of enclosed spaces. In a way he’s portrayed as a claustrophobic character, and there’s strong reason behind it. It is told that in a flashback, that when Langdon was just 7-years old, he accidentally fell into the well, and this made him fear from the enclosed spaces all through his life.

In The Lost Symbol, Robert Langdon spends hours searching the monuments and buildings of the forefathers to find the truth about secret society of the Masons. There’s no doubt that Langdon turns out to be a multifaceted personality and protagonist all through the novels.

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