Robert T. Ironside (Raymond Burr) is a former San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Chief of Detectives, who is a veteran having twenty years of real time experience in the police service. Ironside was forced to take retirement from the police service after he was paralyzed from the waist below as the sniper’s bullet hit him. As the result of this tragic accident, he was put on wheel chair.

A universal television series named Ironside, which was originally broadcast in “A Man Called Ironside” in the United Kingdom, successfully ran on NBC in US.

However, even after being paralyzed, Ironside was not taken aback, and his confidence was not jolted a bit. Immediately after his treatment and release from the hospital, Ironside was appointed a “special department consultant” by his helpful crony and the Police Commissioner Dennis Randall.

Further he was also provided with a special attic floor in the SFDP headquarters. The floor had his office cum residential accommodation. Additionally, Ironside was favoured with SFDP’s specially designed and equipped police truck to provide completely secured outdoor mobility as well as to accommodate his wheel chair.

When he was a regular service detective Ironside was known for his intellect and intuitive reasoning, and it is this very intellectual quality that ultimately comes to his rescue and liked by the department people. Although, he’s not physically fit, his intellect is far and far better to make him solve the cases of gruesome crime and homicide, besides the regular cases of burglary and treachery.

Ironside is supported with other able officers from the SFDP department. The prominent ones among them include, Det. Sgt. Ed Brown and Eve Whitfield. In her former position, Eve was a socialite, and now she’d transformed her role into a plain clothes officer. Ironside also has an able assistant and a bodyguard named Mark Sanger.

There are crimes committed every alternate day and night in the area around San Francisco, and it is Ironside and his professional team that ultimately takes the responsibility of solving it on the priority basis.

For all the crimes of serious nature, the services of Ironside are called for, and it is here that you find him reacting to the criminals, asking questions and examining them from all angles. The crime has many faces and Ironside looks into every aspect quite subtly and with complete professional astuteness. You cannot expect any slip from his intuitive eyes, and every minute aspect is carefully studies by Ironside, before passing his last judgment.

Different crimes need different types of treatment, and it is here again that Ironside places himself different. He is the personality who is always introspective and thinking about the flow of the crime, and its final conclusion.

Yes, Ironside does all the justification to the crime and the criminals, without showing any biased attitude. Seeing Ironside, you’d find an intuitive personality who knows what lies beneath the serpent, and there he whips him hard!

Robert T. Ironside is a unique personality and with interest in solving the crime. He treats SFDP a complete family.

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