Detective Robert “Bobby” Goren is a fictional character playing one of the main characters in the NBC-USA Network series titled Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The character of Det. Robert Goren is enacted by Vincent D’Onofrio. The series show Det. Robert as the first grade detective for the Major Case Squad working for New York City Police Department (NYPD).

The character of Det. Robert is created by producer René Balcer. As the disposition of Det. Robert goes, he’s a confident and an intelligent detective who has the foresight and all the mush to read through human psychology. He can easily manipulate and comprehend what is going in the mind of an individual, besides getting the idea on what circumstances lead to the crime.

Robert comes from diversified education background, and he has also got good network in the society. All this helps him in creating a strong base for solving the cases, no matter how complex they are, and that too in a fast way.

Goren is regarded as a marvellous profiler and interrogator, and it is the par excellence of his psyche that compels even the most hardcore criminals to make the confessions. Det. Goren has two sides.

On one hand he is the person who has an imposing personality looking for the details and reading the psyche of the criminals, and on the other, he is sensitive emotionally committed to mother, his partner Det. Alexandra Eames and the victimized female victims in the criminal cases, which he’s solving.

It is told in the series that Goren’s date of birth is August 20, 1961 who was raised in Canarsie neighbourhood of Brooklyn, in the vicinity of The Rockaways. During his youthful age, Goren seems to be a dashing and bright who chose Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in his high school studies. As the result, Goren was sent in the capacity of orator with school counsellor and school psychiatrist.

It is also seen that Det. Goren was a good Basket Ball player and was the part of university Basket Ball Team. He played in the position of power forward. When Goren lost his liking for Basket Ball, he stood up submissively to quit. This showed his interest and commitment towards the game.

Goren’s youth was disturbing, and this seems to appear on many accounts. He grew up as an altar boy, and as present he considered himself to be a lapsed Catholic individual. Goren’s father was an adulterer, and he gambled heavily on horse races.

The executive producer of CI beautifully describes Goren’s father as “Rake.” Frances, Goren’s mother is the patient of schizophrenia. She first developed the symptoms of the disease when Goren was just seven years of age. In the story it is told that Goren’s father abandoned his mother, and as the result he was left alone stranded in the cruel society.

After finishing his university education, Goren joined US Army, and then, served United States Army Criminal Investigation Division. He was given assignments in Germany in the year 1987, besides, made a six-month tour to South Korea.

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