Nick Ryder and Cody Allen are two fictional characters of a detective series telecasted on television named Riptide. This series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo starring Perry King, Joe Penny, Thom Bray, Jack Ging, June Chadwick and Anne Francis.

Nick Ryder and Cody Allen were played by Joe Penny and Perry King. They were working as Army personnel and were good friends. Both of them ultimately decided to open a private detective agency in Los Angeles which they name as Riptide Detective Agency, but they soon realize that technology is an important part that they cannot deny.

While working in the army, they meet Murray Bozinsky who was brilliant enough to become a computer hacker and a scientist. Both, Nick Ryder and Cody Allen decide to recruit Bozinsky so that he can serve the needful relating to computers and technology.

Nick Ryder and Cody Allen have a unique style of dealing with crime and injustice, which is really appreciated by the viewers. They both use different tools and arms while fighting with the criminals. Apart from this, Bozinsky has a robot, “The Roboz”; Nick has a helicopter, “The Screaming Mimi” and Cody has a speed boat, “The Ebb Tide”, which they sometimes use for the sideline business. In addition to this, in the initial episodes, Nick was shown having a classic red Chevrolet Corvette and Cody with a Woody Station wagon. Lt. Parisi helps three of them in the later episodes to solve many cases and proves to be quite cooperative.

Complete Series

The complete series is action packed where the three hunks chase criminals and investigate crimes using their helicopter and speedboat. The robot created by Bozinsky is very facilitating and helps them to acquire information using a network of data banks. The robot was a real source of attraction for the viewers, especially as it worked nicely in the pre-internet era, but was not efficient and accurate enough.

Sometimes, it gets just stuck in the sand or even fell downstairs while working, but still it managed to entertain the viewers nicely. Riptide completed its three seasons and has been well admired by the people. All the three seasons are available in a DVD box set which people can easily avail from the stores.

The three seasons telecasted on the television featured different episodes and some of these episodes were cherished a lot by the people. The episodes of the first season included “Conflict of Interest”, “Hatchet Job”, “Diamonds are for Never”, “Double Your Pleasure”, “Raiders of the last Sub” and “Something Fishy “ to name a few.

Some other interesting episodes of this series included “Where the girls are”, “Catch of the Day”, “Beat the Box”, “Father’s day”, “Peter Pan is Alive and Well”, “Boz Busters”, “Fuzzy Vision”, “Harmony and Grits”, “Wipe Out”, “Playing Hardball”, “Dead Men Don’t Floss”, “Chapel of Glass” and “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” to name a few. People can avail the DVD box set and can enjoy watching an uninterrupted series of Nick Ryder and Cody Allen.

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