Private detective novels, TV shows and similar series are cherished a lot by the people because of the perfect blend of passionate drama, intelligence, romance and comedy. Richard Diamond is also a famous series that was aired on radio from the year 1949 to 1953. Richard Diamond was actually a detective who investigated crimes and solved inexplicable mysteries.

In the year 1957, Richard Diamond was introduced as a private eye detective on the television starring David Janssen, Regis Toomey, Barbara Bain and Russ Conway. This television series was featured from 1957 to 1960 making a hit on the American television.

Radio Series

In the radio series, Richard was portrayed as a jocular and optimistic private eye detective who would sometimes end up the daily show by singing songs for his girlfriend. The voice for Richard Diamond on radio was given by Dick Powell and the voice for his girlfriend Helen was given by Virginia Gregg. The radio series was written by Blake Edwards, music was composed by David Baskerville making the series being greatly treasured by the listeners.

Television Series

The television series featured David Janssen as the hardboiled detective named as Richard Diamond. His investigative techniques and methods to solve the mysteries made Richard a prominent character as a private eye detective. Richard also has a secretary whose face was never exposed on the television and she was always shown from her waist to legs. In the initial seasons, Russ Conway did not appear, but in the last season he was featured as Lieutenant Pete Kile. Several guest stars were also featured in different seasons like Joyce Meadows, Don Keefer, Francis De Sales and Chris Alcaide. Some of the seasons were shot in the New York City, while a few scenes featured Los Angeles, as well.

Knowing Richard Personally

In both radio and television series, Richard Diamond has been shown using sharp words for some people who deserved it, otherwise the character was portrayed as sophisticated. Most of the time, Richard was seen entertaining his girl friend along with handling the cases at the same time and while ending the show he would sing a song for her to keep up the romance and comedy, intact, simultaneously. In the entire series, Richard Diamond has been shown getting knocked on his head with the revolver butt. Apart from being knocked out every time on the head, Diamond facilitates Lieutenant Levinson in many cases and assists him to solve various mysteries.

Some of the hard-hitting murder cases under Richard Diamond are even solved with the support of department of law enforcement. The television series has exposed various fight scenes, gun fights and many other stunts to make the series more exciting and electrifying. In the year 1951, the series was fully sponsored by Camel Cigarettes and the ever increasing popularity made the radio show to be converted as a television series. People can enjoy watching the uninterrupted television series by simply purchasing the DVD box set from the stores or online websites at comparatively cheaper rates.

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