Crime novels and detective stories have their own entertaining aspect and when it is about the famous fictional detective Remington Steele, people are surely going to spend time watching the series. Remington Steele is actually a television series starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan as private eye detective and a professional thief, respectively.

The series featuring great intelligence and romantic comedy of the two characters was aired from the year 1982 to 1987. After a couple of months when the show was commenced on the American television, the series gained a lot of popularity and became one of the highly rated shows. The complete series ended as a two hour movie which was again a big hit.


The series of Remington Steele was created by Robert Butler and Michael Gleason and was presented by MGM Enterprises 20th Century Fox. Stephanie plays the character of Laura Holt who is a private eye detective, but she soon discovers that the customers are quite mystified about hiring a lady as a private detective. Due to this reason, she creates a fictitious male superior detective with the name as Remington Steele.

Pierce Brosnan starring as Remington Steele is actually a white collar thief who tries to escape from a vicious gangster in the first episode. To escape from the gangster, he assumes the identity of Remington Steele and plays the role of Laura’s fictitious boss.

Brosnan’s Identity

Brosnan playing as fictitious Remington Steele tries to open up with Laura Holt when they once get trapped on to an island, but later on it is exposed that he himself did not knew his actual birth name. Most of the times, Laura solves the case and other related mysteries, but she gives the credit to Remington so as to keep the private eye agency working. Daniel Chalmers have been portrayed as the surrogate father of Brosnan, who later on by the end of series calls himself as the real father of Remington Steele.

In the initial episodes, some other characters were also plotted in the series like Laura’s real partner, periodic rescuer and secretary starring James Read, Janet DeMay, Murphy Michaels and Bernice Fox. In the second season, the character of James Read was removed by portraying that he has opened his own detective agency in Denver and now will be working there. All the seasons of this series were appreciated a lot by the viewers making it a great hit on the American television.


The popularity of Brosnan as Remington Steele was increasing day by day and this was the reason that Pierce was taken as the best lead role for James Bond series, as well. The five different seasons were launched as DVD releases due to the ever increasing fame of Remington Steele. In the first season, only Pierce Brosnan was promoted as the sole star of the show, but later in other seasons, Stephanie Zimbalist also gained popularity and was revealed on the DVD covers, as well. Stephanie even received star billing with the release of second season in Remington Steele and was appreciated a lot by the viewers.

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