Peter Gunn is a private American TV series, which have been aired on the NBC and produced by Revue Productions. Later, from 1958 to 1961, the series were aired on ABC, and the production was carried out by MGM television. In total, 114 thirty-minute episodes were produced by Blake Edwards, who’s also the creator, writer and the occasional director of the storyline. Not to be told, the series has won an Emmy Award and two Grammys for the theme music, especially “The Peter Gunn Theme.”

Peter Gunn is one of those cool guys who just handle the crime scene without making it a serious spot. He is helped by his assistant to solve the crime. Several people are questioned by Peter to find the resolution and every time some or the other complexity comes to interrupt the development of the case to closing.

We are told that people who go for the crime have a different thought process as they think quite differently. It is this very different intellect that Peter tries to sort out through the use of his intellect and quality. There’s no doubt that Peter is a humanly person who has everything to solve anything. You cannot expect from him to be the person who makes the mistakes.

And even if he does, Peter loses no time to correct the mistake almost at that very instance. He is one of the few level-headed crime fighters who knows what to do when there is a crime. Peter is a murder solver, and he does it with great patience. Not only is he Jazzy about the Jazz music, you can also see his emotional and professional side all through the episodes.

When it is Peter Gunn, you cannot expect him to make the cases complex. All you can expect is effective crime solution and that too in a fast way. Private detectives of the type as Peter Gunn, are hard to be seen, and quite rare to meet the eyes. He simply takes the time to solve the case.

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