Paul Temple was the famous British detective who first appeared in BBC serial and then moved on to films, televisions, comic strip and even in novels. The programs of Paul Temple were run on radio for almost 30 years and he had a huge fan following around the world. Temple was a crime writer and then he transformed into a private detective.

His wife along with Sir Graham Forbes and Steve assisted him in his investigations. The stories were quite suspenseful and all the serials were completely with cliffhanger endings. The stories of Paul Temple were continuously broadcasted on British Radio for several years. Francis Durbridge is the main creator of this character who is master of Cliffhanger.

Serials of Paul Temple ran for around 40s or 50s but in 60’s, this radio show took full control over the television. The characters were almost same but there are some few changes also. Still this show had a legendary gesture among the audience. This radio program was the huge hit in Israel and really the roads of the city were empty at 9 pm every day. There are some famous radio shows of Paul temple which gained much hype at that time.

Famous Radio Shows – Paul Temple (1938 – 1968, BBC)

This series consists of 28 shows written by Francis Durbridge who was well known for characters at that time. The show has three main characters starring Hugh Morton as Paul Temple, Hodgson as Steve Trent and Lester Muddit as Sir Graham Forbes.

Send For Paul Temple (April 8, 1938). It was an 8 part serial starring with High Morton as Paul Temple with Bernadette as Steve. This show also gained much hype at that time and it was one of the most successful shows of that time.

Other programs that were broadcasted on the radio were Paul Temple and The Front page Men, News of Paul Temple, Paul Temple Interviews, Send For Paul Temple Again, Case for Paul Temple, Paul Temple and Gregory Affair, Paul Temple and Steve, Mr. and Mrs. Paul temple, Paul Temple and Sullivan Mystery, Paul Temple and Curzon Case, Paul temple and Madison Mystery, Paul Temple and Van Dyke Affair, Paul Temple and Alex Affair are just a few in the list. There are endless series of Paul temple radio shows. One can calculate the popularity of this amazing character from the number of shows.

Night of Twenty Seventh (1949, BBC), Christmas Special

This amazing radio serial was first broadcasted on 27th December, 1949 on Light Program. The show was written by Edward J. Mason, starring Kim Peacock as Paul Temple with several other famous characters and it is produced by Martyn C. Webster. All the famous detectives of that time are featured in this show.

There are several novels published and some of them include Tyler Mystery, Paul Temple Intervenes, East of Algiers, Curzon Case, Geneva Mystery and many other novels. There were numerous films based on this character and few names are Calling Paul Temple, Paul Temple returns, Paul Temple Triumph and Send for Paul temple. So Paul Temple was the most entertaining character of the time and he is still in people’s minds and hearts.

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