Nestor Burma is a fictional character, which is the creation of French crime novelist Léo Malet. Burma is not an easy going detective. He has the aggressive nature, a private detective who not only makes use of intellectual brains but also analyses the conditions surrounding the crime. Burma is also equally a humorous personality whom you can easily go along, as he is busy joking around with his friends and friends.

The amazing looking detective has not just one characteristic of his personality, but he reacts differently in many ways in many other situations. Burma’s acolyte Hélène is as attractive a damsel, as a professional lady of exquisite manners.

She is attracted towards Nestor, in the “Fiat Lux Agency”.

Nestor Burma has its intelligence similar to Commissaire Faroux and Inspector Fabre. You can think of Burma not just equivalent to Marlowe in a beret, but beyond that. Burma is the fictional detective having strong belief in radical politics. He is a former anarchist, who has seen many governmental disorders such as world war-II and other disturbances in his native country, France. Nestor is the sole proprietor of Fiat Lux Detective Agency in Paris. I t is the time in which everything is controlled by Nazis and the Vichy regime.

Besides, her beautiful acolyte, Burma is also helped by many other important people like Zavatter, who is an allegedly-reformed burglar, Police Commissioner Faroux and Inspector Fabre. Burma is considered to be a decent kind of detective who’s all the intellect to understand the crime from every situation and angle.

What’s more, Nestor’s colleagues always respect him for what he is, and the way he solves the crime. He understands the crime with complete intellect, and this makes him as the most popular French detectives. Whether there is a murder or any burglary, you’d find Nestor acting always and ever. Think of him as the detective who has humour and sense of responsibility joining him always and ever.

What makes the things work towards him is his reasoning and along with its preternatural humorous nature. Every time there’s a crime of any sort in the city, Nestor is on the top and called by the police department to religiously solve the mystery behind the crime.

Criminals use new tactics every time they do a crime, and it is these very tactics that need to be immediately addressed. Therefore, Nestor has utilizes his professionalism and intellectual mind to extract out all the events that could possibly have led to crime. And he does it all in a subtle and godly manner.

There are no single most important or unimportant reasons that’d otherwise make the criminal deals come into limelight. It is here that Nestor becomes active, and you’d find him answering to every kind of vague or reasoned question without getting vacillated.

Nestor is one of the very few genres of French detectives who is known for his style and mannerism in which he understands the crime scene. Nestor has always darted even the most notorious criminals.

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