Nash Bridges is an amazing investigative television drama hovering around the detectives. The drama is a beautiful and creative handiwork of Carlton Cuse. The drama casted Johnson and Cheech Marin, who were the two inspectors working actively with Special Investigations Unit of the San Francisco Police Department. The show witnessed six successful seasons on CBS starting from March 29, 1996 and ending in May 4, 2001. The show spanned in 122 episodes and all the episodes were interesting and well casted. Nash Bridges went through multiple star cast change and this further made the interest of the viewers intact in the series.

The show was launched at a massive scale in over 70 countries across the globe. The show, at present, is aired in Middle East on MBC’s action channel named, MBC Action, DR2 in Denmark, WGN America Universal HD in United States, and TV1 in Australia respectively. The show appeared for the first time on March 29, 1996 on the CBS Television network.

At the very beginning of the show, Don Johnson runs in his 40s and who is twice-divorced. Johnson has a beautiful teenage daughter named Cassidy (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Nash also pesters the retired Inspector Joe Dominguez to consider rejoining the force and give him the company to consummate various tasks related to investigation. In the show, it is seen that Joe Dominguez joins the force, and both, Nash and Joe travel through the streets of San Francisco in Nash’s very own private electric yellow 1971 model Plymouth Barracuda convertible. The car was gifted to Nash by his brother Bobby, before leaving to participate in the Vietnam War.

Nash’s father Nick (James Gammon) is old and suffers from mild worn out condition, dementia, and as the result he spend most of his time in nursing homes. On many occasions, Nash’s father has been kicked out from the nursing homes, and finally he decides to stay with Nash, where again he keeps himself active in the story line by creating comic subplots.

Harvey Leek (Jeff Perry) – a technically sound geek helps Nash in solving technical cases that relate to the civil and other crimes. During the later seasons, new characters and inspectors were added to Nash Bridges show. Production of the show was done in the San Francisco Bay Area. Treasure Island was chosen as the headquarters for the show. The estimate cost of production per episode came out to be around $2 million. The most amazing thing about the show was that it had hundreds of local workers, which also included production crews and staff members, carpenters, electricians, set designers, etc.

Nash Bridges show was for the first time produced by Don Johnson Company and Carlton Cuse Production, along with Rysher Entertainment during the first 4 seasons. However in the year 1999, Paramount Network Television acquired Rysher Entertainment, and took over further production of the show. During its initial episodes of season-1, and seasons 2-5, Nash Bridges played 3 unique themed songs. Season 6 of the show also added techno beat along with instrumental beat to sound more euphoric and interesting.

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