Nancy Drew is a fictional character of the mystery series created by Edward Startemeyer, especially for children and teens. All the books written by Edward clearly depict the changing American culture which is quite appreciated by the readers.

This fictional character, Nancy Drew was first introduced in the year 1930 and most of the writings of Edward have been ghost-written by different authors. The revised books portrayed Nancy as refreshed every time and the recent series featuring Nancy have exposed her as romantic, clever, intellectual and gifted with a sharp mind.

When the character was newly introduced, she was a simple female detective, but with the releasing of new revised books, Nancy has been shown using high tech gadgets and hybrid electric vehicle.

The popularity of Nancy Drew as a detective increased with the release of new books and she was loved as a courageous active young woman by the readers. The increasing recognition of this character helped people to enjoy the series in over two dozen languages of which almost eighty million copies were sold. Not only this, various movies, television shows and even computer games were introduced with the growing esteem of Nancy Drew.


Nancy is an 18 year old girl who lives with her father Carson Drew at a fictional location named Midwestern Town. Her mother died when she was just three years old and they also have a housekeeper at home named Hannah Gruen. She does not attend school, but spends most of her time solving mysteries.

Her two friends, George and Bess help her most of the time to solve the case and collect all the needful evidences. She also has a boyfriend, Ned Nickerson who sometimes helps Nancy and her friends in solving different mysteries. Nancy is not only talented, but is amazingly beautiful and is a perfect example of beauty with brains.

When she was attending school at the age of sixteen, she learnt psychology, fine arts and French. Apart from this, she was a skilled driver, good swimmer, seamstress, an excellent bridge player and also knew how to run motor boats. Nancy belongs to a wealthy background and so she travelled to distant locations in order to find the evidences relating cases.

Nancy has been portrayed as a very talented detective despite of being a girl and this is one reason which makes her quite popular amongst the girl readers, as well.

Modified Character

When Nancy was introduced to the people, she was just a courageous girl who uses her intellect and solves the cases with the help of her friends. However, when the books were ghost written by different authors, slight changes were made every time to the character and she was being modified with the changing American trends.

The authors focused the aspect that girl’s interest should be kept strong and this was done by portraying Nancy Drew as a strong character. In the later series, she is shown more intelligent, romantic and bold which is cherished by the readers, a lot. With the increasing popularity of Nancy Drew, some computer games and movies were also released.

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