Mr. Moto is a popular fictional Japanese secret service agent, which comes directly from the creative mind of American author John P. Marquand. Moto is the fictional second background protagonist who dominated the plot in at least six novels written by Marquand, and published between 1935 and 1957.

The character, Mr. Moto dominated Saturday Evening Post. In many other media Mr. Moto is portrayed as an international law enforcement agent. Moto addresses himself with the name I. A. Moto, though it seems to be the A.K.A.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Moto is the mysterious player who has innate power to solve the intrigues and many other crime mysteries in a subtly professional manner. Moto is a Japanese agent who serves to act in a diligent way to get into the crimes committed against the companies, organizations and the state.

He directly attacks the anti federal agents through his own plots and saves the country and the individual CEOs from being massacred. He is also a political secret agent who is also busy solving the family feuds. Mr Moto is also stopping the currencies being fished to the revolutionaries to initiate major revolution in China. There have been man-a-different series where Mr. Moto is seen in different kind of action.

For example in Thank You, Mr. Moto, which was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in the year 1936, you find Mr. Moto saving a US woman national and an expatriate American from the crooked art dealers. In fact Moto helps both of them against the possible military takeover of Peking.

Again, in Think Fast, Mr. Moto, was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in the year 1937, you see Mr. Moto thwarting the attempt to channelize money from US to China to support major revolution out there. We see how Mr. Moto’s role in solving heir to an American banking firm and clearing the gambling house problem.

Mr. Moto Is So Sorry was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in the year 1937, you see Mr. Moto getting encountered with a US national who is running away from the administrative authorities in the US.

The US national meets Mr. Moto train journey through China. Mr. Moto also entangles the American into a difficult situation where the secret message is passed on to a beautiful woman accidentally.

Therefore, seeing the complete maze, Mr. Moto plays an effective agent who’s always on as secret service without ever undertaking any kind of instruction from anybody.

There’s lot of happening going around in the spy world. And when you see Mr. Moto, he’s one of those very distinguished agents who have the foresight and the intellect to undertake any mission.

Mr. Moto is a refined secret service agent, and he is always on duty not with the girls, but with his service. He takes on the opportunity when it comes his way, and it is this quality that makes him the best secret service agent of all times. The simplest thing to put is that Mr. Moto plays effective network with the intelligentsia.

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