Monsieur Lecoq, a fictional detective working with French Sûreté and is the result of creative intellect of Émile Gaboriau, who is a 19th century French writer and journalist. Lecoq has the character portrayed with intellectual similarities to Sherlock Holmes. Monsieur is the French word which means ‘Mister’. His surname ‘Lecoq’ has the literal significance of being “The Rooster”.

Monsieur Lecoq has methodical and scientific bent of mind that makes use of creative intellects to solve critical crime cases and book the criminal to justice. Lecoq has all the intuitive as well as scientific practicality to solve the crime, no matter how very critical it is.

As it seems, the character of Monsieur Lecoq inspires from the works of real life criminal named Eugène François Vidocq who later becomes the policeman, before heading Sûreté. However a crime is committed, Lecoq sees to justice and is well-liked by his superiors and followers. He is praised for his intuitive investigative abilities, and the mannerism of following the criminals.

Monsieur Lecoq has a skilful art of solving the crime in the most unique manner. And why not, once he was a criminal himself, and therefore, he knows the tactics a criminal can use while committing any kind of murder, forgery, burglary or anything unethical or unscrupulous.

If you consider Monsieur Lecoq as a criminal from its heart, then you are simply undermining his abilities as an official investigator. He has transformed himself into a professional police official who has the mission to carry forward. There isn’t any kind of problem that his department faces when he is heading the criminal investigation.

We find Monsieur Lecoq to be an able and active criminal who has done justice to suspects, booked hardcore type criminals. He is the one who has pledged to purge the society of the crime and the criminals.

One cannot find Monsieur Lecoq into any kind of irresponsible act once he has committed to solve the criminal investigation. All you can find is his intellect and crime that can individually be resolved by utilizing his intellect and professional adeptness.

When Monsieur Lecoq was a criminal he witnessed the life of danger and adventure. He knew the working of investigator standing outside the professional arena, and similarly, Monsieur Lecoq when takes the charge of a director, he is known about the underworld dons and the crime committed by the criminals.

While solving his case he makes use of intuitive reasoning skills to reach close to the criminal and the crime.

Lecoq as he first appears in the L’Affaire Lerouge, published in 1866, is subtly described about his criminal abilities that eventually make him a habitual criminal.

But gradually as we move through the book, we find Lecoq to work as a detective, and a professional who has got knowledge of both the worlds.

You cannot find Lecoq messing in something unprofessional and meaningless. All is looked by him with an intuitive and detailed eye. Monsieur Lecoq is one man with different roles to play.

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