(1958 – 1960)

Man with a Camera is a 1950s TV crime drama starring Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac.

In the series Bronson represented Kovac, who was a former combat photographer in the World War II, freelancing in New York. He always tried to get the kind of photos those other photographers couldn’t or won’t take. He assisted everyone, who wanted photos of an event.

For example: insurance companies, the police or private individuals. As Kovac often acts as a private eye he just about as often gets into trouble. He uses cameras hidden in a radio, cigarette lighters and even in his tie.

Furthermore he had a telephone in his car and a darkroom in his trunk so he could develop his photos directly. Just in case Kovac needed help he asked his father Anton (played by Ludwig Stössel) for advice. In the second season another contact person appeared. His name was Lieutenant Donovan (played by James Flavin) from the police.

There were 29 thirty minutes episodes in two seasons. The series was produced by A.E. Houghton Jr.

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