Michael Shayne is a fictional private detective which came alive in the year 1930s and was the creation of Brett Halliday. Shayne is an amazing and dashing detective, who has the assignments to carry out.

He is the detective, not because of professional interest, but personal interest. Shayne is a handsome detective, married to Phyllis Shayne. Phyllis, in relation to her work, is always out of the town. In one such visits she doesn’t comes back, and this ultimately forces Shayne to look for her. It is this very incident that makes him turn into a full detective.

Michael Shayne turns out to be a professional private detective who uses his quality reasoning and supreme intellect to find the culprit, and book him/her to prevent the crime. There’s crime being committed every second, and gradually, Shayne begins to realize it is his duty to make the city free of crime.

There are murders, there’s corruption and much more, all this begins to interest Shayne, as he begins to intuitively look in the depth about the nature of crime and criminal psychology.

Shayne as a detective character became quite popular, and it was this popularity and the tactics of solving the crime that made the audience fall for it. He knows how to deal with the criminals and the suspect. He qualifies the reasoning, and later on when the crime is committed, he gets on the crime scene with this very own and personal reasoning.

Shayne has all that what is required to become a detective. He makes use of available resources, questions the witnesses around there and which relates to the crime, and ultimately, brings criminals to justice.

While solving the crime, Shayne is helped by his assistant. All the missing links are collected by the assistant, and later on Shayne uses his reasoning to arrange those links to ultimately qualify it into a sound case. What’s more, Shayne, on the personal front, seems to be a serious cum comedy character. He maintains his seriousness while working on the crime, but at the same time, amongst his friends, Shayne turns into a light hearted person.

You cannot expect Shayne to make mistakes, and it is the sincere efforts that help in solving the crime. Michael Shayne is a fictional identity who has got all the prospects to book the criminal. He is the protagonist appearing in all the novels written by Halliday. All the novels are well-plotted by Halliday, and the readers keep their interest glued the plot and its subsequent movement in the crime.

All through the books, you’d find how Shayne is busy in calculating the crime, and the events which might have happened before the crime was actually committed.

Finally, Halliday stopped writing about Shayne novels. His last creative works was “Murder and the Wanton Bride” which came out in the year 1958. However, Michael Shayne novels continued, as they were now being written by Ryserson Johnson, Robert Terrell, and Dennis Lynds. Later many of the ghost writers edited Shayne manuscripts.

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