(1960 – 1961)

Michael Shayne was one of the most popular fictional famous private detectives. The Miami P.I. with the red hair has had a long, successful, multi-media career. Created was Shayne by Davis Dresser, published under the pseudonym Brett Halliday.

All together there are 77 novels, over 300 short-stories, a dozen films, radio and television shows and even a few comic book appearances.

In 1960 the series Michael Shayne moved onto television, with Richard Denning, playing Shayne. He was the perfect occupation for the red headed Irish private detective, who liked the taste of cognac, brawls and women.

Michael Shayne had an erotic blond secretary called Lucy Hamilton, played by Patricia Donahue. Her younger brother Dick Hamilton played by Gary Clarke was a college student who sometimes got involved in Shayne’s cases.

Furthermore he had a reporter-friend Tim Rourke played by Jerry Paris and Will Gentry played by Herbert Rudley a chief of Miami police.

The series was produced by Dick Powell’s Four Star Productions.

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