Martin Beck was a Swedish police detective and this character was available in almost all the novels and books of Wahloo and Sjowall. The character, Martin Beck was employed in a pharmacy Company somewhere in Germany. The character had a good grip on the audience and still there were several fans of this great character.

Martin Beck was a married man with his two teenager children without marriage. The character is characterized well with tall built but he smokes too much. However, there are numerous novels, movies and short stories available for this character and people still love this character.

Almost all the novels are produced like a movie but of course with different titles and some of the movies are filmed outside Sweden. There are several novels and films which are published for this amazing character.

Some of the novels that were quite popular at that time were – Roseanna, Mannen pa balkongen (man on balcony), Terroristerna (The terrorists), Det slutna rummet (The locked room), Polismordaren (Cop Killer). These are just a few in the huge list.

All the novels are very interesting and these retain the interest of the readers till the end of the novel. The characters in the novel are beautifully decorated and this novel is a mixture of drama, humor and action.

Roseanna (1965)

This beautiful novel is written by both Wahloo and Sjowall which is their first novel in the category of detective series. The whole novel revolves around Martin Beck along with his teammates. Well, giving information about the whole story results in the lack of interest among people but it can be summarized to boost the interest of readers towards this novel.

The whole story is about a woman who was found dead nearby a canal but surprisingly the case became instantly cold due to lack of any type of clue. Suddenly the clue about the murderer was found and the victim’s name was Roseanna McGraw. So, in the end, Martin Beck and his teammates introduced their techniques to trap the culprit.

Terroristerna (1975)

The Terrorist is an English name of the novel, terroristerna. This amazing novel is written by Wahloo and Sjowall. The story is about a teenager girl who gets accused of bank robbery which she did not intend. All these activities are due to the terrorist activities that are going on in the city.

The main motive of Martin Beck is to remove all the terrorist activities and to make the city free from these culprits. All the characters played a great role and this novel looks to be amazing.

There are several movies available on Martin Beck which gained much hype at that time. All the movies are based on the novels; however, the title is changed. There are several movies available based on all the characters in the novel. If someone wants to see this legendary collection of movies, one can easily purchase it from any retail outlets. The Collection of Martin Beck movies is available at almost all stores.