Lamont Cranston is an amazing crime fighting detective with psychic powers and having that extra tint which makes him stand above all other detectives. Lamont’s professional and physical characteristics make him stand in the position unique and separated from other class of detectives. Lamont Cranston appears in “The Shadow” and the series has been quite popular in variable formats like comic books, comic strips, television, video games, besides, presented in five motion pictures.

Lamont Cranston is always on the move to the haunted places top explore the adventures of crime and the conditions that led to the murder. The detective is known for its intuitive investigation powers to resolve crime, most of which are crude murders. The murderers are not the professional crime dealers; in fact most the murder crimes and homicides are done by the psychotic people who feel disturbed by particular set of conditions.

There are criminals busy doing crime, one above the other, and Lamont is all set to tighten the noose. Lamont is hardly disturbed by the complexities of crime and the erratic behaviour of the criminals during the interrogation. But what disturbs him the most is the reasoning which makes him introspectively think on why the crime should occur, or rather why crime should actually be occurring.

Whatever be the nature of crime, or the criminals, Lamont Cranston has the intellect and strong reasoning to question the very situation and the conditions under which crime was committed by the criminals. It is not just one chain of the sequence, but complete set of the conditions that ultimately led to the crime.

But amongst all the situations, Lamont Cranston did all the analysis to bring out reality behind the crime and the criminal’s history. There’s no doubt that Lamont has able lieutenants to support him, but the real intellect comes from his very own personal intuitive reasoning. Even his acolyte becomes amazed at times to find the intellect working which ultimately provides the boost to his analytic power.

Lamont Cranston is a fictional detective whose character was smartly played and controlled by the popular pulp writer named Walter B. Gibson. The marvellous character named Lamont knows the tactics to deal with crime and the criminals. There are evils reigning supreme in every individual’s heart, and nobody knows when this evil manifests itself in the form of crime of grave nature. The crime will be committed, and the criminal will abscond to unknown destinations in order to evade the tight grip of law.

The crime scene ultimately turns out to be a confused place. The investigating agencies know nothing about the crime and its organization. Everything is completely lost.

Lamont Cranston cones on the scene, and sees what others cannot see out there on the scene. This difference of intellect brings the resolution, and crime gradually begins to unfold in much less time than one can actually think off!

You can see the intellect of a top notch crime fighter doing the job all by listening to his amazing psyche.

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