Kathryn Dance is a special detective agent at California Bureau of Investigation, similar in character and form to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Kathryn operates from California Bureau of Investigation Office which is strategically situated in a fictionalized city named Monterey, in California. Dance is a widow.

Her husband was a secret service agent with FBI, and who died in one of the assignment operations. She also has two sweet and lovely kids named Wes and Maggie. Also included in Dance’s family are two dogs. In short, Dance has a small and loving family, and she cares a lot about her family and the dogs. The family is residing at Pacific Grove, which is situated around hundred and twenty miles south of San Francisco, Pacific Grove is a beautiful place which is a beautiful village on the water, and surrounded by lush green and verdant fields.

Dance’s parents live in a yet another spectacular area named Carmel, which is nearby to her house and she often visits her parents house along with her kids and dogs, on the weekends, or whenever she finds the time from otherwise busy schedule.

As a law enforcement agent, Kathryn has immense qualities which are rarely found in an individual. She is punctual in her work, and always undertakes the assignment with profound sense of responsibility and seriousness. She is a smart lady who has both brains and beauty, and who knows how to keep balance between the two.

Quite amazing to know, Kathryn maintains a perfect body kinesics, and which she uses effectively during the interrogation and interviewing witnesses and suspects. It is her seriousness towards her professional that she is liked by the people of her department. She is a commendable woman who can easily come to terms with the circumstances and their happenings.

Kathryn, owing to her supreme intellect and seriousness towards the profession is always given complex cases to handle. It is told quite early in the novel that California Bureau of Investigation is a prime investigating agency in California which deals with crimes of extreme seriousness including homicides and gang war happening. Kathryn finds her duties interlocked between these gruesome gang wars and homicidal conditions.

Kathryn is not one of those sleeping detective agents who can easily say no to the assignment. She takes every assignment to completion, no matter what it takes, and no matter how it goes. She’s a hard agent to beat.

Apart from tracking the bad guys, smugglers, and drugs, Kathryn is also given the cases that involve family crimes and the issues likely to be faced by a single parent or a single woman. She is adept in solving any type of crime case, and this makes her a cynosure amongst her professional colleagues.

Often during the work, Kathryn has to deal with her troubled and quirky co-workers. But, the things are pretty cool at her end, as she can easily manage them once at work.

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