Karen Sisco is the fictional series of the United States Marshal and her heroic expertise. The character was the creative works of novelist Elmore Leonard. She has the intellect and the beauty, and this combination is rare to be streamlined in the professionals who belong to the trades of investigation and secret services. Karen is a matured investigator who utilizes her professional skills to book the criminals then and there.

She is not the lethargic sorts who just like to procrastinate and ponder on irrelevant issues. As a focused U.S. Deputy Marshal, based on Miami, Florida’s Gold Coast, Karen has the mission and goal to accomplish.

Her mission is important, equally important like those investigators who deal with homicide issues. While being completely vigilant on the beach, Karen has the duty and the aim to control nefarious and illegal activities at South Beach nightlife and Palm Beach highlife.

Karen also has to struggle regularly with the fugitives, whom she encounters during the busy night life in and around the Palm Beach. She is the busiest investigator, and despite being busy she find out all the time to have fun and frolic in the city and amongst her friends and family. Whenever she finds herself looping in trouble, she calls for the help from her father, who happens to be a retired Miami police officer, and after taking the retirement is actively playing the role of a private investigator.

Every time she encounters a burglary or any fugitive out there in the beach, one finds her intellect coming into action more than her pistol. She’s one such investigator who loves to play safe at all costs, and get the criminal caught in her own unique subtle way.

Karen’s mission is to get the criminals and fugitives off the Miami Beach, and for this purpose she does every small and big thing into action. She’s of the sort who will never like to play bo-peep with her profession. Many-a-times, her father help her in solving the fugitive mysteries. In critical cases when her confidence waves, he’s there to support and do all what he can do!

According to Karen, her father is her best friend, confessor and on top of it her counsellor. As an investigator, Karen is an active professional whose eyes seem calculative and her mind is doing all the intuitive reasoning of its own. She’s confident and not over confident investigator, who makes marvellous use of her intellect and other qualities to get the crime finished.

There are times through the series when she is struck by hardcore criminals, and it is her confidence backing her experience, which jointly thwart the actions of a criminal.

As an investigator, you cannot simply take Karen for granted.

She has the art of exhuming truth from the fugitives, brains and the brawns, and this further makes her an amazing investigator altogether.

Karen is one investigator who does all the hard work to keep Miami Beach clean of fugitives, and she does it in a right way!

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