Jordan Cavanaugh, a crime-solving medical examiner from Boston, is the leading character in an American television crime/drama series. The series is telecast on NBC, and which started from September 24, 2001 to May 16, 2007. The role of Jordan Cavanaugh is played by Jill Hennessy. Jordan Cavanaugh is experienced and adept in solving various crimes during the process of investigation.

The character of Jordan Cavanaugh has been created and developed by Tim Kring. The TV series has many characters playing together, featuring professional co-workers of Jordan; members from the Boston Medical Examiner’s Office, besides, the police detectives who are involved in different cases.

The name Jordan Cavanaugh has two meanings. First, the name itself is the direct presentation of main character of the series; and second it alludes to the leading character of the biblical metaphor of the ancient Hebrews who crossed the Jordan River. The connotation in Hebrew generally refers to spiritual songs which indirectly mean quietus and life after the death. It is seen that Jordan feels emotionally disturbed by the murder of her mother, when she was too young to understand.

This event had eventually had made her mistrust the entire clan of men. However, in the final episode of the sixth episode, Jordan expresses her love for Detective Hoyt. It is told that Jordan attended University of Massachusetts Amherst and later went on to study medicine in Tufts University School of Medicine.

Jordan’s Boss, and Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Garret Macy (Miguel Ferrer) has the task to correct Jordan’s vacillating behaviour, besides understanding her complex family genealogy. Jordan has a teenage daughter, Abby too. Further, Jordan’s father Max Cavanaugh (Ken Howard) is an ex-cop-turned-bar-owner. He disappears in episode 3 only to reappear again. Her reappearance made her role appear short as she changed from the regular to the guest appearance.

Jordan Cavanaugh is one detective in her team that goes out of the way to solve murder cases and brings laurels to all his members as well. The detective has distinguished services to her credit, and as the result of which she has the ability to solve even most complex cases in just a matter of time.

Amongst its members, Jordan holds very special place, and she keeps her place till the end of the series. Though many characters come and go all through the series, Jordan is stable and performs better and becomes better with every case. Jordan has been a responsible detective throughout her career, and she has taken a lead step to solve even the most complex cases.

Jordan Cavanaugh has played lead character in two separate series, namely, “Crossing Jordan” and “Las Vegas.” The popular episodes in “Crossing Jordan” include, Crash, telecast in 2007 episode, D.O.A., telecast in 2007 episode, Dead Again, telecast in 2007 and In Sick & In Health telecast in 2007. The popular TV series that ran under “Las Vegas” includes, History of Violins telecast in the year 2006, Double Down, Triple Threat, telecast in the year 2005, and Two of a Kind telecast in the year 2004.

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