Johnny Dollar was an action packed radio drama. Dollar is analyzed as America’s most popular and freelance insurance investigator. The radio drama went on air on CBS Radio from January 14, 1949 with episodes ending on September 30, 1962. Johnny Dollar drama has 811 episodes running for 12-years.

There’s a phone call to the insurance investigator on investigating an unusual insurance claim. And every time a call is heard, Johnny is getting ready with his rucksack to move on to some distant location in United States of America, or sometimes outside the country. During the process of investigation, he is often threatened with gruesome attack on him.

There are many-a-times, where he repeatedly receives potential threats, and those threats sometimes also turn into reality. The case that Johnny handles is alludes to as “matter,” as in “The Silver Blue Matter” or “The Forbes Matter.” One can also find strong references to “Matter” in all the more whimsical series titled, “matter,” as in “The Silver Blue Matter” or “The Forbes Matter”.

Johnny Dollar is a personality with amazing traits. He can appear to be a complete professional on one handle, whereas, on the other he seems to be equally romantic guy who’s entertaining and loving to his girl friend. There are many episodes that show Johnny engaged with different girls’ enroute his travel to different countries. But, in spite of all these, Johnny belongs to niche class of detectives who has focused mind on his professional engagements as well.

There’s very rare instance, where he gets vacillated from the core area of his activity, no matter what other activities he is involved. Later in his life, Johnny Dollar settles as he finds love in one of his very personal girlfriends.

There are occasions where Johnny as an insurance investigator has to grapple with cases of falsified documents and forgery. And during such investigations, he becomes intertwined in certain parallel issues, adding further to the very complexity of the case.

Whatever Johnny does, does it with immense dedication and complete uniqueness. There are also many occasions where he is beaten by the opponent in the logic, but since he is an experienced insurance navigator, he turns his boots over his adversary in just few minutes. Johnny Dollar is the one who just loves to take the things by stride and giving amazement to the opponent who’s involved in forgery of insurance documents. That’s what makes him different. That’s what the real identity of an insurance investigator is!

Johnny Dollar is the type of insurance crime investigator who loves to play around with the culprits subtly using his own very intellect.

Hardly you’d find any investigator of his type and intellect who just swooshes through the forged data documents, and reserves the authority to settle the case immediately on the track.

If you are looking for an insurance investigator who has no intuitive skills, then you are out rightly wrong out here. Johnny is not ranked amongst such types of insurance investigators.

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