John J. Malone is a fictional ne’er-do-well bibulous attorney of law character designed and created by Craig Rice. Malone is considered to be the Chicago’s noisiest and most popular criminal lawyer, who not only fights the case, but seems to be a good investigating personality looking into the events sincerely and more introspectively.

You see John as a hard drinker who has liking for the wine but not for the girls. You would easily trace John at the Joe the Angel’s City Hall Bar more often, than you’d find him counselling a case in the court room. One cannot find the problems in his counselling the case, but he is truly rep for courtroom pyrotechniques.

Malone is a private investigator in disguise. He is to be seen in the pubs and more interested in boozing than in court trial rooms. Though he’s a hard drinker, you’d find him jollying around with pals and acquaintances.

He has a good and dedicated secretary named Maggie Cassidy, who is victimized from a love-stroke, and above all she’s mostly unpaid. She’s further assisted by his professional young couple and friends named Jake Justis and Helene Brand. Malone also shows the trust on Captain Daniel von Flannagan of the Homicide Squad.

As we find John J. Malone involved in drinking most of the time, it doesn’t mean that he does not have tight grip over the criminal analysis. He is one of those sorts who is composed and trenched from outside, but his inner psyche is constantly at work with the happening around him and the crime.

His assistant prepares the papers to counsel the case in the courtroom, and Malone is busy doing the private investigation in his own very unique way, comparable to none. If you see him, you will undoubtedly call him a boorish and drunkard fellow, but when it comes to using the intellect, he’s the one who shows exemplary creative intuitive to look into the dynamics of crime and what events led to development of crime.

He has become a private investigator not just by choice but by means. He is one of those sorts who bring to action all the injustice and solves them without being off the scene. Yes, it is true that he is rarely found in the court trial rooms, but the witnesses and material of crime that is collected by him in the role of private investigator helps the case to move forward in a logical way. That’s what you call jurisprudence.

You can think of John J. Malone as a man with multiple identities who seems to be an attorney of law, but seems to be in the cloak of an investigative detective. He is the one who loves to inhabit the city ales, but at the same time he is the one who goes out wand sniffs through the events in a more subtle manner.

Malone has the instinctive thinking developed in him, which gives him all the advantage and respect in the professional circuits.